Sunday, October 16, 2016


I remember when I was newbie I got to FREE DOVE place in search of free good clothes. Being afraid to spoil my avatar, but with desire, in it to change something and without knowing as to make it, I rushed about searching on Second Life. As soon as I teleported on FREE DOVE I met my future friend in Second Life and Real Life - Lada, she helped to change my avatar, explane how to do that.

Since then there passed a lot of time, and I still remember this store. Today came there to look whether there is it also what there changed. I was pleasantly surprised that it exists still! I chose this dress there, it free, designer is BN Designs. 
And you have memorable places in Second Life from your SL "childhood"?

Clothes on me:

Dress: THE FREE DOVE FASHION - Petra Dress (BN Designs) - FREE!

Shoes: ::HH:: - Hucci - Manteo Sandals - Citrus;

Place of photoshoot: Tropical Paradise

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